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Public Services Association

Trinidad and Tobago

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The PSA Radio provides a voice that promotes the varied interests and welfare of members. While seeking to promote liaison between listeners, the vision of our radio station is to promote programs and information segments for the development of our members.

Anyone can enjoy our programming and we invite you to tell a friend, we are on the air!

So you need to know some facts about us? Check out some information below or get in touch with us.

  • OUR VISIONARY - Watson Duke President/Chief Executive Officer.
  • OUR AUDIENCE - Working class, local, regional and International.
  • OUR MISSION- To motivate, inspire and the empowerment of workers by organising, mobilizing and educating.
  • OUR INFORMATION - Information on union activities, local, regional and international labour news.
  • OUR SERVICES  - ducation- online training webinars,   President's address and educational links with other union.

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